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A new optional protection plan, DJI Care Refresh, is available and provides peace of mind for Mavic ..
Immersive FPV, a pair of 1920×1080 HD screens and a head tracking feature, enabling you to loo..
OVERVIEW The Mavic Battery Charger is used to charge the Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery and rem..
OVERVIEW This package includes a pair of 7728 propellers for the Mavic. Compatible with the ..
DJI Mavic - 8330 Quick-release Folding Propellers - Part 22 ..
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OVERVIEW Use the Mavic Aircraft Sleeve to transport or store the aircraft...
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OVERVIEW The Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery Charging Hub is designed for use with the Mavic Int..
DJI Mavic - Battery Charging Hub - Part 7 ..
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OVERVIEW The Mavic Battery to Power Bank Adaptor is designed to provide power from the Mavic Inte..
OVERVIEW Protects gimbal and camera from collision, dust and water during transportation and in f..
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DJI Mavic - Intelligent Flight Battery - Part 26 ..
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OVERVIEW The Mavic Propeller Cage is used to protect people and objects from the Mavic's 7728..
OVERVIEW Propeller Guard is specially designed for Mavic Pro, protecting people and objects from ..
DJI Mavic - RC Cable (Lightning Connector)  ..
DJI Mavic - RC Cable (Reverse Micro USB connector) - Part 4 ..
DJI Mavic - RC Cable (Standard Micro USB connector) - Part 3 ..
DJI Mavic - RC Cable (Type C connector) - Part 5 ..
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DJI Mavic - Remote Controller - Part 37 NEW!
Overview Use the Remote Controller to control the aircraft and the gimbal wirelessly. Linking is..
OVERVIEW This hood shields your smartphone and the remote controller LCD screen from direct sunli..
DJI Mavic - Shoulder Bag (Upright) - Part 30 ..
OVERVIEW Specifically made for the Mavic Pro. This set includes ND4, ND8 and ND16 filters. ND fil..
OVERVIEW The Gear Backpack Medium is a compact, functional and ergonomically designed backpack th..
We have created a carrying case for the DJI Mavic Pro that easily stores everything you need for a d..
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Polar Pro DJI Mavic Gimbal Lock / Lens Cover NEW!
Replaces factory gimbal lock with added lens protection Designed specifically for the DJI Mavic..