DJI / Autel Demo for Colorado Agencies

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a good fire? So when we were invited back to the Platte Valley Burn Building, we jumped at the chance to show off the…
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Photogrammetry vs LiDAR, which should you use?

When it comes to doing aerial mapping or surveying, the two most common methods are photogrammetry and LiDAR. While there are some similarities between the two, the methods used to…
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Affordable Mapping/Surveying with the DJI Phantom 4 RTK

In the past, getting good quality aerial data required large, expensive machines or even using manned aircraft. The DJI Phantom 4 RTK provides high-quality images with exceptional positioning information at…
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Jim Dula Joins Multicopter Warehouse as General Manager

Centennial, CO – July 01, 2021 – Multicopter Warehouse, Inc is pleased to announce that Mr. Jim Dula recently joined Multicopter Warehouse as the new General Manager.  Jim assumed the…
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Why UAVs and thermal imaging are an effective combination

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka drones) provide a reliable, rugged and economical aerial surveillance that can fly in conditions too dangerous for helicopter pilots By Police1 BrandFocus Staff The advent of remotely-controlled…
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How to use the DJI Pilot App on CrystalSky Displays

A lot of people have been asking how to install the Pilot App on the CrystalSky displays. The short answer is, it is already installed. However, you cannot get to…
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Why should you shoot in 4K?

The conversation on Facebook and forums usually starts off like this: “why should I shoot in 4k when my TV is only 1080p?”. At first this seems like a very…
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Autel EVO II Dual For Public Safety and Inspection

See how the Autel EVO II Dual can be used for public safety agencies or certain types of inspection work.

How to Make Money With Your Drone Webinar

During this webinar we discuss different ways people are using drones to make money, and we talk with Daniel Herbert from SkyGear Solutions about different jobs that they are currently…
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Getting Started with Aerial Thermal Imaging Webinar

This is the recording of the Aerial Thermal Imaging webinar from April 8, 2020. During this video we discuss the different applications that thermal is used for and Randall Warnas…
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