What video editing software should you use?

Posted by Kerry Garrison 03/19/2018 0 Comment(s) Tips and Tricks,

One of the most frequently asked questions on social media is "what video editing software should I use". You will see the usual suspects all the time including iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe Premiere. Once in a while another software package such as Filmora or Sony Vegas will get mentioned. While all of these will get you started, our recommendation is a little different. Professional Editors like Final Cut Pro X ($299) and Premier Pro ($50 a month) but the up and coming video editor that we recommend is Blackmagic Davinci Resolve (free version and $299 studio version).

The free version of Davinci Resolve is an extremely powerful video editing package that is gaining ground in many high end production shops due its top-notch color grading tools. The studio version includes everything found in the free version plus multi user collaboration features that let editors, colorists, and sound engineers all work together on the same project at the same time, plus 3D tools, dozens of Resolve FX and more.

Like any high-end video editing package, there is going to be a learning curve, we have tried to make this easier with a handful of videos on YouTube to get you started.

If you are in Colorado, we invite you to come to the DJI Colorado Authorized Retail Store in Lone Tree where we do free training events on Davinci Resolve every week (event schedule).

If you decide to try out Davinci Resolve for yourself, be sure and let us know what you think of it.

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