DJI Monitor Hoods for CrystalSky Displays

Posted by Kerry Garrison 04/11/2018 0 Comment(s) News,

The DJI CrystalSky displays are fantastic devices for controlling your DJI aircraft. The high NIT rating (1000 and 2000 models) are super bright and easy to see outside. Even as bright as they are, there are times when the sun is just in that bad position making it a little harder to see your screen and a sunshade is a good option to have. The Hoodman sunshades are an option (the CrystalSky 5.5 uses the iPhone 6+ model, and the CrystalSky 7.8 uses the iPad Mini model), While not perfect on the CrystalSky displays, many people love the Hoodman shades. 

DJI went a different direction and instead of a soft-style shade, they made a hard plastic one that can stay permanently attached to the CrystalSky displays so that when the monitor hood is is folded down, it offers protection from damage.

In this video we show you how the CrystalSky Monitor Hoods attach and function. If you are a CrystalSky user, you really need to check these out.

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