DJI Osmo Firmware update v1.4.1.80

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The new OSMO firmware is released. Here are the release notes.

1. Firmware Version: v1.4.1.80;
2. DJI GO App IOS Version: v2.4.3;
3. DJI GO App Android Version: v2.4.3;

Major updates:
1. Fixed the issue of camera restarting unexpectedly when recording video at 4096 x 2160 resolution;
2. Improved the issue of inclined shooting images;
3. Improved the issue of gimbal drifting in Time-lapse Mode;
4. Optimized holder operating performance;
5. Optimized Selfie Mode and the person shown in the image is more centralized when shooting;
6. Improved the issue of losing WIFI signal when shooting;
7. Fixed the issue of App screen blurs when two mobile devices are connected;
8. Gimbal is able to automatically adjust the screen to the horizontal screen when shooting in Panorama Mode;
9. Optimized the playback performance and play 4K videos more smoothly;
10. Firmware is able to be upgraded in App;
11. The warning tone after finishing upgrade is newly added: a “di-didi” sound will occur when the upgrade is successful, while the “di-di-di-di” sound means that the upgrade is failed;

The following added and optimized functions should be operated with App v2.4.3:
1. Volume display and audio gain adjustment functions are newly added;
2. Remote powering off and sleep functions are newly added; Slip to the right on App screen to trigger the function;
3. Support gimbal camera Selfie Mode in the App;
4. The experience of gimbal manipulation through the screen is optimized;
5. 180 degrees front Panorama shooting function is newly added;
6. Customization of White Balance is newly added;
7. Setting of the camera is newly added, supporting the customization of frame sharpness, saturation level and contrast ratio;
8. The exposure parameter of camera can be adjusted during the video recording process;
9. There is a new option added to the right sidebar of the quick setup of camera parameters. Single click the screen can exit the right sidebar status;

1. The hardware v1.5.0.30 must be upgraded with the Inspire 1 X3 camera attaching to the Inspire 1. Only after that, it allows the OSMO to upgrade the firmware;
2. Inspire1 X3 camera does not support rebooting gimbal and entering into Sleep Mode;
3. The gimbal will have small oscillation after launching on, this can be greatly improved by a gimbal auto calibration;
4. While the capture interval of timelapse shooting is 1 second, there will be small vibration in the videos;
5. If upgrade fails during the firmware upgrading process, please reboot the handle and App and then try to upgrade the firmware repeatedly.

You can download here:

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