DJI Osmo Mobile Stabilizer for Smartphones

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The DJI Osmo has proven to be a very versatile stablized camera system finding its way into real estate videos, inspection work, and even used on popular TV shows as a secondary camera. While there are other stabilized systems for Smartphones, what they have been lacking is features, quality, and integration of gimbal/device. DJI has put all of these things together in an affordable system dubbed Osmo Mobile.

While the handle of the Osmo Mobile looks similar, the gimbal system is not removable so you cannot switch it over to other DJI cameras. The Osmo Mobile connects to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection which makes starting the system up much faster and has less lag than a WiFi connection. The Osmo Mobile does use the same batteries as the original Osmo, you can actually charge the Osmo Mobile handle with a USB cable that actually plugs into the microphone jack (don't try plugging this cable into a regular Osmo).

The Osmo Mobile also has the standard Osmo Rosette mount, allowing for all current Osmo accessories to work with the Osmo Mobile.

The Osmo Mobile uses the same DJI GO app as other current products while introducing a face-tracking feature to the Osmo Mobile that is very much like ActiveTrack on the Phantom 4.

Another interesting change to the Osmo Mobile handle is the front trigger. With all Osmos, holding the trigger down will lock orientation and double-tapping it recenters the gimbal. On other Osmo handles, a triple-tap spins the camera around for Selfie Mode, on the Osmo Mobile, a triple-tap switches the phone to the front-facing camera. 

Look for the first shipments of the Osmo Mobile sometime in September with a list price of $299. These are sure to be a super hot seller this Christmas as many people love using their phones to shoot video and the Osmo Mobile helps to turn those shakey, handheld videos into highly professional looking productions.

The DJI Osmo Mobile is currently available for pre-order from Multicopter Warehouse.

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