DJI OSMO Z-Axis Stabilizer

Posted by Kerry 06/28/2016 0 Comment(s) Product Reviews,

As good as the 3-axis stabilization is on the DJI OSMO, the one axis that isn't stabilized is the vertical motion that occurs when walking or running with the OSMO. If you really want to get as close to SteadyCam smoothness, your only option before was to master the Ninja Walk. 

The DJI OSMO Z-Axis is now available that uses a spring-loaded arm to dampen the up and down motion and create a much smoother looking video.

The Z-Axis mounts on top of the OSMO handle and the X3 camera mounts to the end of the arm. The Z-Axis does not work properly with the X5 or X5R cameras as they are heavier than the X3 camera.

The Z-Axis is in stock now and ready for immediate shipping.

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