Setting up the Vortex 250 Pro

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Now that we have unboxed our Vortex 250, it's time to get it setup to fly. The process is exceptionally simple with an FPV-based on-screen-display setup wizard. First off, there are a few items that you will need to get your Vortex ready to fly. First off, you will need a Spektrum radio with at least 5 channels although I highly recommend at least seven so you can easily use the radio on more advanced aircraft. For batteries, I do recommend you start off with some 1300mAh 3S (3 cell) batteries and the Vortex is extremely fast with 4s batteries and can get away from you very quickly if you are not careful.

Next up you will need some device for you to see what the camera is seeing. The most common display device are FPV goggles. Goggles help block out sunlight and allow you to really focus on the display. Goggles offer a much more immersive and non-distracting operation. For people like myself who can't wear goggles because of poor eyesight, I use a Flysight Black Pearl monitor mounted to a tripod and a good sunshade. It's not as good as goggles but it works.

Additional components used in our setup:

Setting up the Vortex 250 Pro

Dealing with ESCs, calibrations, and tuning is often an exercise in frustration and is extremely time consuming. ImmersionRC has created a very simple setup wizard that uses your remote controller and FPV screen as a monitor. If your radio is setup already, you can take a Vortex 250 Pro out of a box and having it flying in under a minute.

The following video shows what it takes to get the Vortex 250 Pro up and running:

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