Smart Powercharge Phantom 2 Charging Station

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The SPCp3 is a commercial grade QUAD Charging Station designed and built exclusively for the DJI SMART BATTERY (LiPo) that is used in your Phantom 3. This system is MICRO-PROCESSOR controlled with built in Over-Voltage protection, Over-Loading Protection and Temperature Control on power supply input. The Short-Circuit protection on power supply input insures safe operation while charging the batteries.

The SCPp3 also monitors the voltage and temperature to each battery insuring that each battery is charged safely eliminating damage and LIPO safety concerns. The system is capable of charging or deep cycling 4 DJI Smart Batteries simultaneously, your iPhone, or any USB device and 2 rechargeable remote controls (via 2, 26v charging ports on the end of device), all at the same time. You can even DEEP CYCLE selected batteries while charging others.  

More Than Just a Charger

When comparing the price to other chargers, it is important to note that the Smart PowerCharge is not just a battery charger, it is a battery maintenance system. When you put a battery port into DEEP CYCLE MODE, the system will discharge that battery at a low voltage down to 8%. After the battery reaches 8%, the system will automatically charge the battery to full capacity. This maintenance system will help prolong the life of your batteries, enable you to discharge them on-demand for storage, and recalibrate them should the need arise.

Using the Smart Powercharge Phantom 3 Station

The operation of the Smart Powercharge station is pretty simple. Turn the unit on and insert a battery to charge. To deep cycle a battery, turn on the Smart Powercharge, put the button in front of the selected slot until the LED turns red, turn on the battery and insert it into the slot.  LED readouts on each slot display the current battery status.


The Smart Powercharge Stations are certainly at the top of the price point for multi-chargers but really earn that right with the LED displays, deep cycle function, and USB ports included. For the high end user, these are well worth the price given the plethora of functions. The Smart Powercharge for the Phantom 3 sells for $489.95 and the Inspire 1 version sells for $499.95.

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