DJI Inspire 2 - Quick Release Propellers for high-altitude - Part 11

DJI Inspire 2 - Quick Release Propellers for high-altitude - Part 11
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Product Code: DJI-INSP2-P11
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Rapid mounting and unmounting, powerful thrust, well balanced


Including a pair of propellers, one clockwise replacement propeller and one counter-clockwise replacement propeller.
The Quick Release Propellers (for high-altitude operations) improve the performance of the Inspire 2 at high-altitude (2500-5000m) locations. 
A larger propeller pitch increases the aircraft's propulsion force at altitudes with thinner air. 

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The high altitude props help out tremendously at high altitude. Of note, DJI Go will let you know if you use them at lower altitudes as they are less efficient in denser air. We were just up at a shoot up on Mt. Hood and they really helped with performance at elevation though we were flying at the lower end of the 2500-5000m altitude range. Though we probably won't use them too often, they are great to have in case the need arises.

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