DJI Matrice 100 - TB48D Battery - Part 34

DJI Matrice 100 - TB48D Battery - Part 34
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Product Code: DJI-M100-P34
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DJI Matrice 100 - TB48D Battery - Part 34
Availability: In Stock
DJI Matrice 100 - TB47D Intelligent Flight Battery - Part 33
Availability: In Stock

Please note TB48 batteries will ship via UPS Ground ONLY.

Function: High-performance 5700mAh battery
Feature: This intelligent flight battery is specifically built for the Matrice 100. Its unique features keep the user informed about its performance during a flight. While in flight, the remaining battery power is shown in real-time. Complex and advanced algorithms within the battery calculate the distance of your aircraft and the estimated time for it to return to its home base. The battery automatically provides information about the voltage of each cell, the total lifetime charges and discharges, and its overall health and status. All this helps you to prolong the operating life of the Matrice 100 for years to come.

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