Energen DroneMax P40 Charging System (Phantom 3 / Phantom 4)

-22% Energen DroneMax P40 Charging System (Phantom 3 / Phantom 4)
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$449.99 $349.00

Energen DroneMax P40 Charging System (Phantom 3 / Phantom 4)
$449.99 $349.00
Availability: In Stock
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DroneMax – World’s 1st Portable Drone Battery Charging Station

For the first time ever, drone pilots can now charge their drone batteries in the field or whenever they need to, thanks to the powerful yet portable DroneMax P40.

Designed for the DJI Phantom III and Phantom IV Batteries

The DroneMax P40 is tailor made for the needs of the DJI Phantom owners. It features four (4) charging ports and comes with four (4) charging cables each for the Phantom III and IV.

Recharge A Single Drone Battery Four Times / Recharge 4 Drone Batteries Simultaneously

The DroneMax P40 is able to charge a single drone battery 4 times and more, helping drone owners to save hundreds of dollars on extra batteries. Also, DroneMax P40 features four charging ports and all four ports can be used to charge drone batteries at the same time to help save drone pilots valuable time.

Portable and Durable Design

Whether being used in the desert or the urban jungle, the DroneMax P40 is built to handle tough environments. Its aluminum casing and rubber bumper provide excellent heat dissipation and protection.

Charging More Than Just Drone Batteries

Leave your power banks at home. The DroneMax P40 provides two additional USB ports that can be used to charge cell phones, tablets, and other USB powered devices.


Model: EN-DM-P40
Battery Capacity: 414 Wh
Battery Life: Cycles < 500
Outputs DC 17.5V / USB 5V 2.4A x 2
Input: DC 17.5V
USB Charging Ports: 2
Battery Charging Ports: 4
Charging Time: Approx. 6.5hrs
Operation Temprature: 23°F ~ 104°F
Weight: 7.2 LB
Dimensions: 5.90 x 6.88 x 2.67 inch

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