Energen Charging Solutions for DJI Products

Energen Charging Solutions for DJI Products

Let’s face it, Nobody likes waiting around for batteries to charge or having to babysit a charger to make sure each battery gets charged. What if you could charge 3 batteries at a time or be able to have a way to charge your batteries when you are away from an electrical source. Energen has a variety of products designed for DJI products that make your charging faster, more economical, and even portable.

Energen Multi-Port Chargers

The Energen 3 port chargers for Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 series will charged three batteries plus your controller simultaneously.At a cost of only $49.99, these are the best priced and most effective chargers that you can get. 

Energen Field Chargers

For charging while out in the field, the Energen Field Charger are large batteries that can recharge multiple aircraft batteries without AC power. The M10 can recharge 4-6 Mavic Pro batteries (from 30% charge) and the A40 and P40 can do up to 6 Phantom 4 batteries while charging up to 4 batteries at a time!

Using an Energen Field Charger is less expensive and much lighter than getting six additional batteries.

If you need a better charging solution than having to babysit batteries for hours, order yourself an Energen charging solution today.


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