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Multicopter Warehouse is a leading DJI Authorized Dealer, Distributor and Recommended Service Center. We don't just sell UAS's, we design systems to help our customers solve problems. We watch the market for new products and make recommendations to our customers that they could use to improve their efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

We are much more than just another dealer. We are a solutions provider. We get to know our customers, learn about what they do, and then recommend the best components to help them reach their goals.

We take pride in what we do, and will never sell you products that you don't need or try to pad a quote to fit your budget. Whatever industry you are in, we can provide the right solution specifically tailored to you providing the best value possible.


Utility companies utilize UAS systems for many different applications that traditionally required lots of manpower or the use of manned aircraft.

  • Thermal Inspection of Solar Panels
  • Pipeline inspetion with Thermal, Visual, and Gas Detection systems
  • Powerfile, Tower, and Sub-Station inspection
  • Delivering Lead Lines
  • Line Sag Analysis
  • Construction Site Surveys

Public Safety

A UAS can provide numerous benefits for public safety departments from law enforcement, to firefighting, to search and rescue, and much more.

  • Quickly locate missing persons
  • Track suspects
  • Monitor fires and detect flare-ups
  • Assess ingress and egress routes
  • Survey crime scenes
  • Monitor events


A roof inspection can have a broad range of applications where a UAS can be an extremely valuable tool.

  • Measurements
  • Hail damage
  • Water damage
  • Heat leakage
  • HVAC inspection


The construction industry is seeing the benefits of drone technology expanding rapidly. There are many times that a drone can provide data faster, easier, and safer than any other means.

  • Ground mapping and surveying
  • Construction progress
  • Site analysis and planning
  • Before and after imagery



Our team can design and fabricate almost anything you can think of.

From our Matrice 600 and Matrice 210 payload delivery systems, Inspire 2 football drop system (used at the 2018 Pro Bowl), dual camera mount on a Matrice 600, a mount for the Insta360Pro, a drone that can drop 150 golf balls, and many other custom solutions.

If you need it, we can make it.

We don't stop once we have made the sale. All of our Enterprise Products come with free setup, configuration, updates, and full testing to ensure that you are ready to fly as soon as you open your package. After you receive your system, one of our product experts will spend up to two hours with you going over everything you need to be ready to fly successful missions. When you purchase your enterprise products from Multicopter Warehouse, you can rest assured that we are committed to your success.
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