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Favourite Electronics / FVT - Littlebee 20A ESC -7%
Multi ESC - Littlebee 20A , small volume, light weight, fast response, is currently the best Mini mu..
$12.39 $11.49

Quick Overview A 4 in 1 verrsion of Lumenier's 20A Little Blheli PRO ESC with the powerful F3..

Favourite Electronics / FVT - Littlebee 20A Pro ESC (OneShot) -4%
One of the most Favorite ESCs finally got an upgrade! With this ESCs brand new F396 MCU processor, i..
$12.49 $11.99

Multi - Littlebee 30A ESC, small size, light weight, fast response, support 2-6SLIPO, also supports ..

USB Link for RC Model Brushless ESC, for which developed and produced by Favorite Electronics (Shenz..