Lumenier QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter RTF - Carbon Fiber Edition

Lumenier QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter RTF - Carbon Fiber Edition
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Quick Overview

The RTF (Ready to Fly) QAV250- Carbon Fiber Edition airframe is a small yet fully FPV capable mini quad. Add your own receiver and go!


The ready to fly (RTF) Lumenier QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter - Carbon Fiber Edition airframe is a small yet fully functional FPV quad deserving the QAV label. The QAV250 is a symmetric 250mm size airframe that accommodates 5" props. The 250mm is measured motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally.

The airframe is designed to support 3s lipos such as the Lumenier 1300mah 3s with XT-60 connector.



  • This RTF version is fully built, test flown and comes with everything to get you going. Just add your own receiver and setup your radio and you're good to go.
  • A 2.5D CNC-ed Carbon Fiber unibody main frame board
  • Integrated power distribution board for ESCs and FPV flight electronics
  • 2 integrated LED strips (white and red) to aid LOS orientation
  • Easy Lipo Access
  • Support for 32mm board cams as well as cams in cases with mounting bracket
  • Support for HD camera (such as the Mobius)
  • Integrated and included Landing Gear reminiscent of the QAV500 CF Landing Gear


  • Airframe: 122g (with PDB and LED boards)
  • AUW: The QAV250 is flown with an AUW of around 500g (includes all flight electronics, FPV gear and Mobius HD camera).

Vibration Free Video

Like all QAV airframes, the QAV250 produces vibration and jello free HD recordings. We achieve this vibration free performance without the use of Lumenier's clean/dirty frame separation that is utilized in larger QAV airframes such as the QAV400, QAV500, and QAV540G. This simplifies the small QAV250 airframe, making it lighter, reduces parts count, and failure points. We will soon release flight videos flown by our Team of Lumenier pilots.

RTF Included Components and Parts

  • A fully built and tested Lumenier QAV250 - Carbon Fiber Edition
  • 5" Anti-Vibration neoprene tape
  • 1x Lumenier lipo strap
  • 8x Gemfan 5x3 4x CW, 4x CCW (Colors may vary)
  • 4x Lumenier FXC-1806 2300kv motors
  • 4x Lumenier Mini 20A ESC w/ SimonK AutoShot, 5V/1A BEC (2-4s)
  • OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller pre-programmed and test flown
  • The airframe is professionally hand built and test flown for just $105

Additional Suggested Parts (not included in the RTF)

  • FPV Gear: No FPV gear is included with the RTF. See below for suggested 5.8gHz components
  • RC TX/RX: The RTF frame does not come with a RC transmitter or RX. Any 2.4 Transmitter/RX or even LRS will work.
  • Case: We sell a professional hard case for this airframe (see below). If you order your case in the same order as the RTF, your frame will ship in the case.



As seen on Tested:

Hook up instructions to your own RC RX

The included CC3D flight controller comes with a multi-cable that you will need to insert into your RC RX. Use these cable colors from the CC3D and insert them into your RX like so:

  • Black/Red/White Cable: Aileron
  • Blue: Elevator
  • Yellow: Throttle
  • Green: Rudder
  • Orange: a 3 position flight mode switch. The CC3D is programmed for 1.) Rate, 2.) Weak Level Mode, 3.) Attitude Mode
  • Purple: Not used

To ensure your radio is hooked up correctly, we suggest you connect the CC3D board to your computer via a USB cable (not included) and the available OpenPilot GCS software.

The included CC3D board has already been pre-programmed for you and test flown, so all of the tuning is already done for you. Do not re-flash the board with new software without first backing up the settings or you will lose the pre-programmed settings. When you receive the RTF all you need to do it install your radio receiver into the QAV250 (make sure to bind your receiver to your radio), and then plug in the CC3D board to your computer once you've downloaded and installed the GCS software. (Always make sure you remove all propellers when programming) Do not run the "Vehichle Setup Wizard" which will have you reflash the board and wipe all the settings we already have done for you. Instead go to the "Configuration" tab on the bottom, then to the "Input" tab on the top left. In this menu you'll see an option to run the "Start Configuration Wizard" which will walk you through the steps to configure your radio with the CC3D board. Complete this wizard and  once you're finished you can set your "Arming Settings". Flight modes have already been pre-configured, but you can change those if you like. Now you're all done!

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