Lumenier 30 amp ESC with SimonK Firmware

Lumenier 30 amp ESC with SimonK Firmware
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Jointly developed with SimonK himself, this is Lumenier's rendition of the popular 30amp "F-30" ESC with SimonK firmware -- SimonK firmware version as of late January 2013. This SimonK ESC contains boot-loader firmware that enables easy updating of future firmware versions via the servo connection. This ESC performs great with pancake motors such as the Tiger MT-4006, FPV Manuals FM-4006, FM-4008, and others. Unlike many other SimonK flashed ESCs, these ESCs use a modified PCB that further enhances pancake motor performance.

Simon had this to say about the new Lumenier SimonK ESCs:

These ESCs are a revision of the nearly-perfect F-30A ESCs with high quality board layout and components.

These ESCs are some of the most-recommended ESCs for multirotor use (with modified software) due to their reliability and capability for such a reasonable price. However, the original software intended for use in planes and helicopters requires a low-pass stage in the motor timing sense circuitry. This filter helps the stock firmware deal with PWM noise when sensing the timing, but lags the signal and is detrimental in some cases. With SimonK multirotor-specific firmware preloaded, and this analog filtering removed, the required noise filtering is done in software. The result is that timing synchronization loss from motor saturation during extreme instantaneous acceleration becomes avoidable, and start-up of higher-inductance motors is much smoother.

With the firmware preloaded, there is no need to play around with ESC settings to disable low-voltage shutdown or to change the timing to improve compatibility with pancake-style motors. Motors of all shapes and sizes should work providing they do not overload the ESC. In the event that a future motor does cause problems, the firmware allows for updates via a USB linker or by normal ISP methods, and is compatible with the normal bs_nfet.hex target.

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