MCWH Matrice 600 Payload Drop Kit

MCWH Matrice 600 Payload Drop Kit
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MCWH Matrice 600 Payload Drop Kit
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Custom payload release mechanism for the Matrice 600 and Matrice 600 Pro

Easily mounts to the rails on the Matrice 600 and Matrice 600 Pro.

Operated through landing gear switch  (landing gear gets disconnected) or with the Matrice 600 Channel Expansion kit.

Payload release systems has been tested with loads up to 13 pounds.


The most common configuration is to remove the wires for the landing gear and plug the payload drop system servo into one of the landing gear ports. This will be the simplest "plug & play" solution and allows you to use the landing gear toggle to activate the payload drop system. Note: Some adjustment to the servo horn may be required to get it to line up properly on your system.

The second way to setup the payload drop system is with the M600 Channel Expansion kit. This will require a bit more effort and wiring. The A3 Flight Controller does not provide power so you would need to only run the signal wire from the payload drop servo to the A3 controller and then run power to the servo separately. The easiest way to supply power to the payload drop kit is to put a BEC in between the XT30 connector on the bottom of the M600 and the payload drop system (Castle Creations BEC). 


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