DJI OSMO Z-Axis First Look

Posted by Kerry 04/22/2016 0 Comment(s) Product Reviews,

Many people thought that the OSMO was essentially a steady-cam and ended up disappointed that when walking, there is a noticable bounce to the video. While the OSMO does stabilize pan, tilt, and roll, what it cannot do is to compensate for straight up and down movements, such as which occurs when walking or running. To solve this, DJI has created the Z-Axis, which is a mechanical arm that allows the OSMO handle to move up and down without the camera moving.

We only had a short time to play with the Z-Axis at this week's NAB show in Las Vegas and below is some footage from our early tests with it. By the end of the week, we had figured out the tuning and handle positions to really make it work better.

The DJI Z-Axis for the OSMO will be available soon for $129. See the link down below for pre-order information.

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