P-Squared Phantom 3 Quadcharger Pro

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Charging batteries is never the fun part of flying. Once you have a handful of batteries, you have always had to sit around and babysit the batteries as you charge each one and then replace it with the next one. DJI's own charging hub only charges one battery at a time, it just keeps you from having to switch them every 45-60 minutes. The P-Squared Group has come up with a much better solution with the Phantom 3 Quadcharger Pro. The Quadcharger Pro will charge all four batteries at the same time in under an hour. This is fantastic for getting your charging done quickly and effeciently. 

Specifications & Features

The Phantom 3 Quadcharger Pro comes with the Quadcharger Pro station and the power supply, The lid on the Quadcharger Pro station latches into place and acts as a handle for transporting your batteries directly inside of the Quadcharger. 

  • For DJI Phantom 3 Family of Batteries
  • Rapid Charging – 4 Phantom 3 batteries charged in 1 hour or less.
  • Intelligent Charging Management: fast and safe charging.
  • 27V/20A AC/DC power supply included.
  • Strong & Durable: made from industrial grade ABS.
  • Compact: Only a 5.5”X 4.5” footprint.
  • Light Weight Carrying Case: just 2.5 pounds.
  • Convenient Storage Unit: keeps your batteries protected.

Using the Phantom 3 Quadcharger Pro

There really is no setup of the Quadcharger Pro besides plugging it in and turning it on. Once you drop your batteries in, they will start to charge and the batteries will turn off when finished, just like when using your normal charger. If you need to keep your batteries charged up and are always in a hurry, the Phantom 3 Quadcharger Pro is the fastest way to keep on top of your battery charging. The built-in handle on the lid makes the Quadcharger Pro a handy carrying case if you don't have room in your travel case for your batteries.

Phantom 2 / Phantom 3 Combo Charger

While the Quadcharger Pro is more of a solution for heavy users or constant use by commercial operators, those on a budget do have another option. The Phantom 2 / Phantom 3 Combo Charger will also take up to four batteries but will charge one at a time. While this doesn't get you into the air faster, it is a huge convenience factor at a much lower price.


The Phantom 3 Quadcharger Pro is currently available for $369 (product link)

The Phantom 2 / Phantom 3 Combo Charger is currently available for $79.95 (product link)

An Inspire 1 Quadcharger is under development and will be available around spring.


If you are looking to dramatically decrease your charging times, the P-Squared Phantom 3 Quadcharger Pro is going to be hard to beat. The Quadcharger works perfectly and we have ran it continuously at several trade shows to test the reliability and it has never let us down. For the serious flyer, this is a must-have item.

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