ParaZero SafeAir™ M-600 Drone Safety System for DJI Matrice 600

ParaZero SafeAir™ M-600 Drone Safety System for DJI Matrice 600
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ParaZero’s SafeAir™ M600 is a VLA (Very Low Altitude), independent, autonomous, parachute-based safety system that is tailored for the DJI M600, M600 Pro and M600 Pro D-RTK drone family.

The SafeAir™ M600 drone safety system is fully independent and fully autonomous, combining a dedicated Flight Termination System (FTS), a smart computer and a highly effective VLA parachute. The system incorporates the following main performance features –

  • A unique patented SafeAir™ ballistic parachute deployment system for near-zero time deployment, designed for operation at very low altitudes, even at zero speed.
  • A completely autonomous identification and activation capability, using its dedicated  SmartAir™ V2 Autonomous Trigger System (ATS).
  • A DJI M600 dedicated, independent Flight Termination System (FTS) called TerminateAir™. The M600 TerminateAir™ controls the power supply to the motor drivers for emergency shutdown.

The system is designed for fast connection and disconnection, using only four tool-free screws.

The SafeAir™ M600 drone safety system provides the following features ‒

  • Deployment in a fraction of a second.
  • Independent, autonomous detection of critical failures in an M600 drone, including XYZ acceleration, battery loss, critical angles and extreme yaw.
  • Onboard cellular communication.
  • Independent GPS system.
  • Weather detectors including temperature, humidity and wind calculation.
  • User-configurable parameters, including configurable geo-fencing.
  • Effectiveness at low altitudes (as low as 7 meters).
  • Effectiveness at extreme roll angles and at maximum speed.
  • Audio and visual warnings.
  • Easy, user-friendly Installation.
  • Ability to locate the drone after an emergency landing and to retrieve an emergency log from the black box.

The system requires the DJI Matrice 600 Series Remote Controller Channel Expansion Kit for arming/disarming and manual activation of the parachute. It can be purchased here:

The SafeAir™ M600 system should only be operated in open space and in normal weather conditions. The table below describes the technical specifications of the system.

Criterion Specification
Expected Reaction Time Up to 50ms
Loss of Height Until Full Parachute Deployment at Zero Speed 7m
Vertical Speed of Descent ‒ With Maximum Load (15.5Kg) 4.6m/s
Maximum Allowable Roll Angle of Deviation from the Vertical Axis During Activation 60°
Maximum Weight of Parachute Load 30kg
Total Weight of System, Including Cabling 1,424g
Temperature Range -25°C to + 55°C
Maximum Wind Speed/Flight Speed 55knots
Humidity 95%
Solar Radiation 39°C, 1,120 W/m2
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