You Passed Your Part 107 Exam – Now What?

You Passed Your Part 107 Exam – Now What?

You studied your buns off, scheduled your test, and went down and passed the test. So now you are a full fledged UAS pilot right? No you are not, at this point all you have done is pass a test, this doesn’t get you a certificate….yet.

With a passing grade in hand, the next step is to register for an account at Make sure you use the same email address you used when you scheduled your test. You will then confirm your address and personal information. Further down, you will enter the 17 digit Exam ID. If the system finds your test results (can take up to 72 hours), you can associate the test results with your account.

As you continue down the page you will then digitally sign a few documents to complete your UAS Pilot Application.

Now the wait begins….usually within 24 hours your temporary license will be available. In about 60 days you should receive your actual license in the mail.

Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion people are having thinking that once they pass the test that they are good to go. If you haven’t taken your test yet, we wish you the best.


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