Multicopter Warehouse Adds DJI Agras Spray Drones

Multicopter Warehouse Adds DJI Agras Spray Drones

Agricultural Spraying Drone for North America

Denver, CO – June 2, 2023 – Multicopter Warehouse, North America’s leading DJI Enterprise commercial drone solutions provider, is set to launch the DJI Agras Spray drone line.  The DJI Agras T40 launched in late 2021, making it a larger capacity alternative to its predecessors, the DJI T30 and T10, and becoming DJI’s new flagship agricultural spraying drone.

The DJI T40 is designed to help farmers quickly and easily spray orchards, crop fields, and fruit trees. It has a coaxial rotor system that allows the drone to hover and maintain a more stable flight pattern as it sprays. The T40 has a 40-liter tank that has a spreading capacity of up to 50 kg (70 l) and a spray capacity of up to 40 kg of water or other liquid chemicals.

With an ultra-high-definition 12 MP camera on an adjustable gimbal, the DJI T40 can collect clear images of agricultural fields, farmland, and orchards in real-time. Its intelligent spacial recognition system allows the T40 to identify plot boundaries and obstacles automatically for intelligent route planning and efficient spraying and spreading. It features an omnidirectional radar and binocular vision to detect obstacles at a distance of up to 50 meters. Its advanced spatial recognition system makes the DJI T40 capable of flying through orchards and dense fruit tree plantations with minimal crash risk. Through the DJI Smart Agriculture cloud platform, users can easily automate field inspections, crop growth analysis, and disease monitoring.

To support full-day operations, the DJI T40 has a 30,000 mAh intelligent flight battery for an ultra-long service life of up to 1,500 charges—the smart charging hub can power a battery fully in 9 minutes.

In addition to the T40, Multicopter Warehouse will also offer the T30 and T10 models as well.

“The DJI Agras T40 is a complete solution for the agriculture industry—this solution is going to help farmers and agriculturists tap into the future of precision farming by automating tedious manual processes,” states Scott Beathard, President and CEO for Multicopter Warehouse.  “As DJI’s premier Enterprise Solutions partner, adding DJI’s agricultural solutions was a natural choice for us.”

Those who would like more information on the DJI Agras T40 can connect with a Multicopter Warehouse solution expert by visiting our website at or calling 303-502-2300

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